Class Descriptions

  • Mommy & Me YogArt

25 minutes of yoga and 25 minutes of art.  Parents come play yoga with your little buddha!  Build strength, coordination and body awareness as we bark in downward dog and fly like a butterfly.  Bond with your baby/toddler while we sing, dance and introduce them to the world of yoga for the first half of class.  Then we go into the art studio where the babies have a blast.  The little artists have a wonderful experience using paint and other materials, often for the first time.  This is a great opportunity to learn about color, texture and shapes etc as the babies explore freely and discover their inner artist.  Watch the look of wonder on their face as they mix colors and create art for the first time.  Bring a camera!  Ages walking to 6 years.  $18.

  • YOGArt

25 fun packed minutes of  yoga, guided mediation and breathing techniques, followed by 25 minutes of art.  The children spend 25 minutes being a part of an imaginative and playful yoga practice and then once they are relaxed and centered, they can get creative in the art studio. The children love creating wonderful and unique pieces.   There are two classes, one for ages 3-6 and the other for ages 7-13, both without parent.  $15

  • Downward Doll

Students bring their favorite bear, doll or stuffed toy.  They will use this to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of the body mechanics behind each yoga pose.  Each child will receive a mini yoga mat and yoga bag at registration and create their own yoga journal.  This is a registration class. The session is 10 weeks, but fee can be prorated to any length attendance.  Ages 6-10.  $12 per class.

  • Pint Sized Picasso’s NEW CLASS! Coming Soon. Request this class and it will run!

This class is a perfect introductory art class for toddlers and young children.  Let them splash, squirt and spill paint all over my art studio, instead of your house. I will even wash their paint covered clothes for you at the end of class, if you bring a spare!  There is nothing more beautiful then watching a small child discover paint, colors and their own creativity.  Ages 1-6. $15. Email me to start this class for you and three friends!

Crafty Capers

Does your child just love painting, gluing, sticky and making things out of nothing? Send them to Crafty Capers, where they can go crafting crazy using our endless array of craft materials. Great for girls and boys. Build robots, make holiday gifts, or just play with the paint, it’s up to them. A very relaxing and therapeutic hour for busy children to unwind and channel their energy into something creative. Ages 3-12 $15. Contact me to start this class.  Tuesday’s 4pm-5pm.

Dip n Dotz Dance Party (Not Currently Running).

On Saturday’s 5-8:00 pm. Dress up, disco and play in the fabulous play area for three hours! Or create a craft in the art studio. Pasta or pizza dinner provided $30 first child $10 each additional child.  Reserve a spot to guarantee a space. Contact me for dates.

Date Night PJ Party. Friday/Saturday Nights (dates to be determind).

Send your children in their PJ’s for a fun packed night with yoga, art, dinner and a pj party!






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